Lunch Program

The GA lunch program will be undergoing some changes.  We will keep you posted on all of the developments.

Our school lunch policy states that if a student is absent they will not be charged for the lunch that day.  However if they ordered a lunch, are present in school and did not eat the lunch they will be responsible for paying for that lunch also if they do not notify the school of a vacation or missed day of school, they will be charged for that lunch as well.

Lunch Prices

Lunch with Milk

Students and Adults


Payment for individual student accounts can be made by check or cash.  Students can bring  their payment to the school office.  You may make checks payable to Guardian Angels School.  Please use the memo portion of the check to note the name of the student and if there is more than one, how you would like the payment distributed.

If you have questions please contact the school office or email Terri Farr at