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Featured Family: The Fahey Family

Our Guardian Angels Story
Hi Staff,

I was speaking with a new family recently regarding the reasons that they choose Guardian Angels school for their family. While I was expressing my love for our school and community it occurred to me that I don’t think we ever shared our story on how we decided to attend Guardian Angels with all of you.

Before moving to our current home in Carver, we lived in Champlin and were parishioners at Epiphany Catholic Church & School.  My daughter had attended Pre-school there, I was baptized as an adult and confirmed, married, and all our children were baptized there. We were a growing family and needed to upgrade the size of our home. We were completely undecided as to where we would move to.

Our hearts were with Epiphany, but finding a home where my husband could keep his commute to under an hour or less was becoming a challenge, and the North/Northwest burbs were changing. With extremely heavy hearts we started to look to other schools, which had become the number one priority for our growing family.We started our journey! We visited schools and homes from St. Michael to Delano to Chaska. We were extremely excited to tour St. Hubert’s in Chanhassen. It turned out to be exactly like Epiphany, and my husband’s sixth grade teacher from St. Rose was now the principal. We really enjoyed our tour of St. Hubert’s. Then we toured Guardian Angels! Something grabbed us — call it the Holy Spirit if you want. We fell in love! We could see our family’s future in that building!

In September of 2008 we started at Guardian Angels, it was a little rough for the first few weeks of school. We were driving down from Champlin to GA twice a day so that my daughter could attend until we moved into our new home in Carver.  During that time I was astonished at how much we were helped and embraced. That was our first experience of the ‘community’ we have here at Guardian Angels. Full of kindness, love & respect.I am a stay at home mom, both me and my husband’s families and friends are easily an hour away. It was getting lonely, but then once I started participating at school I had the opportunity to be with some of your families.

I really enjoy going into school. I look forward to having the adult interaction,  along with doing something for my kids. I love it! I love going in to chat with the teachers at Playground duty or teasing certain teachers (I won’t mention names…) at lunch time. I now have “family” and friends right here. There was nothing better than walking around Angelfest. I was filled with pride for what we have, and truly feeling like I was at a family celebration. “My” family celebration. “Our” family celebration. What a heartwarming feeling… I’m smiling right now, can you see it? In conclusion;  my family and I have had many changes that include heartache, good times, and new friends. Guardian Angels played a huge part in getting us through the tough times to the good times, and for that I want to say, Thank you!

If we search our hearts for the reasons why we are here at GA. I guarantee our conclusion will be rewarding! Just look around! I love watching who my kids have become. They have not just grown spiritually, academically, and socially, but have made me and Matt better people, parents and friends. I credit that to the family volunteers and every staff member! I praise the “Whole Community” that we are!

Again, I thank you all. In true GA fashion!
God Bless,
Tedie & Matt Fahey