November 18, 2017

Call Us: (952) 227-4010


The bus transportation for Guardian Angels is provided by District 112.  The District 112 Transportation Department is staffed by professionals serving and supporting you and your children. Drivers and office staff are dedicated to the safe transportation of the students. The Transportation Department is responsible for coordinating and staffing bus routes throughout the district, teaching bus safety to students, registering students for school bus service and contracting for transportation with STA Positive Connections.

Our goal is the safe daily journey of your child, to and from school.

Who to call and when: 
Call the District 112 Transportation Department for the following:

  • Address change or daily riding pattern changes
  • Request for a bus stop change
  • Concerns about bus safety
  • Alternate bus requests

Call the Bus Company for the following:

  • When your child will not be riding the bus
  • Lost and found items
  • If the bus is more than 5 minutes late

District 112 Department of Transportation Рmain office: 952-556-6160

John Thomas, Transportation Coordinator - 952-556-6161
LuAnn Panning, Secretary – 952-556-6160

STA Positive Connections†
Main office: 952-361-0899
Rob Hagerstrom, Manager